We are a small team of specialized consultants, providing individual and couples’ consulting for emotional health issues such as anxiety, depression and relationship conflicts.


Our range of expertise includes cognitive behavior therapy, emotion- focused therapy, psychodynamic consulting, social work, NLP, infertility-related consulting and workplace-related coaching. We also offer person and emotion- centered coaching and administration/interpretation of the Myers – Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality assessment.


We work in a non-clinical environment, with an emphasis on helping clients to develop insight and better coping mechanisms which increases self-esteem, resiliency and overall well- being.


We offer Skype consulting as well as service in English, Arabic, French, Greek and Urdu/ Hindi.

Online Consulting Service

Support seekers is our free online community service where you can get objective and professional advice from a counselor as well as from other members. You can post your problem using an anonymous user name so your privacy is maintained, and you can help others too by giving your advice to them. Joining support seekers is easy, simply select one of the forums below and join in 2 easy steps. So SHARE your problems and get HELP!  

Adult Support

Need marriage consulting, couples' therapy or help with anxiety and depression?  

Teenage Support

Need help with bullying, low self-esteem or a relationship problem?